As guilty as the next one

of picking up my phone too often. Checking the weather, checking my emails, looking at Instagram, playing Candy Mania. I know my usage has gone way over what I would comfortably call a normal use and it would be ok but for the fact that I feel my thoughts are scattered. 

I can't really sit down and work on something without interrupting myself too many times by looking in my not so little iPhone. For all the wonderful things my device does for me it also makes me feel less creative, less focused and at the end of the day very frustrated for myself. I installed Method on my phone and in average I look at my phone 40 times in a day and I spend roughly 60 minutes on it sometimes if i'm home it can peak up to 90. 

I signed up for Bored and Brilliant just to see if I could be the master of the phone instead of the other way around. We will see how that goes

On my needles :: A test knit

Another lovely test knit for Nadia. It's a hush hush project for now but I will make sure to share it with you once it's released.

For now I can say that I love the texture of this lovely knit. The pattern called for Malabrigo Sock but I couldn't find any in my local knitting store. They did have some but the colors where a bit too wacky. Then I saw this lovely yarn Tynd by Woolfolk and I knew I had to work with it. It is worked in a size 3 needles and that's the intimidating part but with those cold days I am sure I will enjoy long hours of knitting.

It's a perfect combination of soft and fluffy. A dream to work and I hope to wear. 

Weekend Lens :: Waiting for the storm

it was a nice and quiet weekend

snow and sleet kept us inside on Saturday. Reading, playing with friends and cooking

new friends were made over a dinner table as time flew and conversation flowed

big T was away for a sleepover and was back early sunday

quiet sunday. sledding and reading.

Time in a bookstore with T and L. S was with his dad at swim practice

juicy burgers for dinner and tea to finish my book

planning and making list for next week

bracing for the cold and snow heading our way

How was your weekend?

Reading :: Mr Mercedes

Wow this image almost fooled me and I am the one who took it. The weather is really not on the sunny side around here. More like cold, colder and coldest... It's a stay indoors, cozy up with a good book kind of weather. Speaking of books one of the goals for this year was  more reading so I took some steps to achieve my goal:

  • Less TV (no brainer)
  • Keep my phone in my purse
  • Have a new book waiting before I finish the current one. It works for knitting so why not.
  • If it's not good after two chapters toss it.
  • Keep a reading log. I've been keeping one on goodreads but I got this and I love it.
  • Teach the little ones to respect my reading time. Not sure about this one, I might have to build a bunker.
  • Take my book everywhere

Nothing beats a blood curdling mystery thriller to make you want to carry your book everywhere and read. When it comes to mystery i believe  Stephen King is a master. I'm not much of a mystery books reader but I am happy to break the rules for Mr King. Mr Mercedes is a far cry from the first books by Stephen King. No aliens or scary cats but a beautifully crafted mystery with engaging characters. The retired police officer, the mentally unstable killer living with his mom...a recipe for a good mystery read.

What are you reading?