Still blogging ?!?

Thank you Marie for leading me to this.

« Indeed, most of the personal blogs I once followed have vanished, or haven’t been updated in months or years. The blogroll in my sidebar reads like an honour roll of war dead. But I keep on blogging because, compared to tweeting for thousands of followers or posting to hundreds of Facebook friends, the single-digit pageviews my blog now attracts are a paradoxically private way to express myself. (…)
We all want to feel we’re being creative, declaring that we exist and our thoughts and feelings matter. Some might say it in a Snapchat. I’ll keep bashing the keyboard to update my lonely, uncool blog. »

(Mel Campbell, The Guardian, 2014)



I was away for quite a bit. You see I had a full house and I was enjoying every bit of it.

My brother and his family came to visit for a couple of weeks and those were such precious moments. My brother and I were not close growing up, he is 8 years my senior and he probable thought I was the annoying little sister. There were bumps in our sibling relationship but in the past three years we have grown closer and our bonds have been cemented by our children.

Even as I write this my eyes are overflowing with tears because all I ever wanted was to have a big brother present in my life. We both needed to mature and find peace in ourselves to work it out. I used to keep a tally of all the ways he had come short and I was angry, it only brought me sadness. I am grateful in so many ways for my husband but mostly because he has taught me to forgive and move on, cherish the positive and value the relationships above all sense of righteousness.  I can only say that putting the past behind has brought me more happiness than dwelling on it.

Those past 3 weeks have been the best ever. I hugged my brother and his family. We laughed, shared wonderful moments and now that he is packing his bags my heart is breaking. I will hold on to the memories until our next vacation together.