Christmas time

No one believes in Santa anymore. Layla was the last one and it’s officially over. Well, they are 14, 12 and 10 I shouldn’t be surprised but let me tell you it sucks.

The whole realism is over-rated. I want Santa to be real again and I can milk it for all it has. There was the issue with moving the elf every night (or every time I remembered) but I loved using Santa as a carrot and a stick.

"If you don't behave Santa won't get you any gifts."

"If you fight with your brother Santa will know!"

As the mother of pre-teens and a teenager, I need a new version of Santa. Something they will totally believe in and do anything to get into its good graces. Really, I need it more now than I needed it when I could pick them up or give them a toy or food to calm them down.

So yes it's Christmas but we have yet to find the Christmas spirit!