January :: Projects in Progress

New year. New start and a desire to make more of my clothes and especially to make them so that I enjoy wearing them.

I’ve mainly knitted shawls, wraps and hats over the past couple of years just because fiting a sweater felt daunting. I have a large bust and most patterns will just make you go up in sizes which ends up with a very large and frumpy sweater. Not exactly flattering. So my goal for 2019 is to figure sizing out.

January was a slow making month. I was able to finish my Dog Walker in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. The pattern is rather fun and easy but the yarn didn’t work for it. The Shelter just got huge with blocking and yes I did make a gauge and blocked. Still the sweater came out HUGE. It would have probably looked better with a yarn that allowed for a bit more drape. Lesson learned.

I did finish a Shirt Number 1 using some lovely paisley fabric I got at my local fabric store. This pattern is an all time favorite for an easy and super well designed top, it works so well for those time when you want the fabric to be the star.

I started on my Cleo Skirt using a gorgeous blue African print fabric I found at JoAnn. More about it next month.

Another sweater on my needles this month is the Humulus . My very first color work project and I cannot believe why it took me so long. I am utterly in love with colorwork, it took me some time to get the hang of it and there are some mistakes that I didn’t catch until quite later but I see a lot more colorwork in my future.