February Book Report

February was a good month for reading . Many snow days, a couple of sick days and more time at home will do that to you.

God Help The Child / Wow and I mean WOW. I read it twice. Once for the beauty of the narrative and a second time to enjoy the writing. Nothing I will write will rise to the level of enjoyment I’ve experienced. READ IT

The Thorn Birds / I read this one 30 years ago (boy does that age me) over the course of 3 days and 2 nights. Needless to say i didn’t sleep much. It’s still as enjoyable to read and Meg is still as enigmatic as she was 30 years ago. It follows the fortunes of the Cleary family in the Australian bush. Love, betrayal, death and loss rhythm the narrative and makes it a total page turner. Some of the themes are more disturbing today but it’s still a very good read.

Make and Mend / my efforts at buying less and making more less me to be curious about mending my clothes. The first part of the book is project that can be achieved using sashiko embroidery and the second one does an amazing job walking you through the process of mending. Can I just say I am tempted to make holes in my clothes.

The Winter Sea/This is a “parallel” manuscript, telling two stories 300 years apart, alternating between a contemporary setting and the past. One is set during the Jacobite uprising of 1708 and the other is in modern times. In modern times Carrie is staying in the small Scottish town of Cruden Bay and becoming intimately involved with its local residents. She researches her book and as she writes her “visions” she realizes that they are historically accurate. I’m not a fan of the parallel manuscript in this case. I don’t feel that Carrie’s story-line brings much to the narrative. I skimmed a lot

Sophie de Habsbourg (in French)/ We’re mostly familiar with Elizabeth of Habsbourg “SissI” but her mother in law is an equally if not more fascinating character. I am fascinated by biography of women I feel they were completely left out of the historical narrative and yet they shaped it as much as their male counterparts. The rigidity of her son the emperor explains the fall of the Habsbourgs and so much of his character and temperament was forged by his mother’s choice in tutors and her view on monarchy. Fascinating read.

The Minimalist Home/ One of the latest read in my quest for a simpler life. I did find it quite disappointing. Maybe I read too many books on minimalism and organization but I don’t feel i’ve learned much. I did like the checklist included in the appendix