Christmas Time :: Handmade gifts

Finished just in time to give it to Tarek for Christmas.jpg

T. has always been fascinated by penguins. He first saw them aged 10 months at the Central Park Zoo and it was love at first sight. 12 years later the love story is still going strong.

Pattern: Penguin Cushion by Amanda Berry

Yarn: Drops Nepal in Dark Grey, White and Goldenrod

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The Halow Shawl

halo shawl_imenesaid

This is one of those projects that has been sitting on my Ravelry queue for ages. It just felt daunting too big and too repetitive. Would i have the patience to stick with it long enough to finish it.

I cast on in August, 3 days after my 43rd birthday. After all it was maybe time to learn to enjoy the journey.

The project is super easy and it is repetitive so I can binge watch and keep trudging along. I've had to take a little hiatus because of my injured wrist but I am back now and on ring 5 of 6.

I did have to get a 50 inch cable for my needles and that has proven not to be enough. I did some research online and found theseextensions and I think that by putting two cables together that might give me more room.